Glass Eyes on Wire

Glass eyes on wire are an economic alternative to our hand-pressed eyes. They are available in several different styles for various applications. They come as transparent crystal eyes, amber or hand-painted, as black glass eyes flat or round or as enamelled eyes, moreover as solid eyes on wire. Glass eyes on wire are available with round, slit or drop-shaped fish pupil.

Our hand-painted monochrome or multicoloured glass eyes are best suited for taxidermy and also highly recommendable for woodcarvings, also available as simple black eyes.

For teddy bears we also offer glass eyes on a wire loop.

Glass eyes on wire are made by melting the glass onto the wire. First the black pupil or rather the black glass shape is melted onto the wire. Depending on the style, the crystal glass is then slipped over it. The next stage of production is to hand paint the eye before the colours are baked.

In our range you will find a large selection especially for birds and fish taxidermy.