EYEdentity Products are the UK’s leading supplier of glass and acrylic eyes to taxidermists, model makers, wood carvers, stick makers, commercials, film industry, jewellery, busts, masks, whatever your trade is EYEdentity Products is the company to trust when it comes to glass eye perfection for your project.

We have been in the business of providing top quality glass eyes since 1970. Illustrated in colour, every eye is accompanied by its list of available sizes, selection is simple, if you require non standard stock please contact us, as some shapes, colours and sizes are made to order.

EYEdentity Products are able to offer expert advice about specific products which we stock and are happy to answer any queries relating to your project, our dedicated team is here to help you. Our knowledge of species is impeccable and we can advice you on the most suitable colours, sizes and shapes of the glass eyes to assist you to get the most perfect fit for your purposes.

Prices shown are exclusive of 20% VAT (Value Added Tax), which ONLY applies to customers in the U.K. For customers outside the United Kingdom you will not have to pay this tax.

Returns will only be accepted within three days of dispatch and returned in original packaging or simply when the glass eyes are faulty.

Please note the selection on this web site of all our glass eyes is in excess of 900 choices so not every glass eye can be supplied from stock.


Go to the top right of this page and scroll the Product Categories. You will find, for example, bird eyes, mammal eyes, human type of eyes etc and then seach through the different types of glass eyes listed, click on them and view the images.