Mouth Blown Eyes

Mouth Blown glass Eyes are the earliest form of the glass eye and have a long tradition. The production requires many years of experience and great craftsmanship.
Glass tubes are heated with a flame and are blown so that a round ball is shaped. The iris patterns are melted onto the white glass in a very complicated procedure. Thus, each eye is unique, which now has to be reproduced as closely as possible by the glass blower several times to achieve identical glass eye pairs. Due to the high risk of breakage mouth-blown glass eyes cannot be made in sizes bigger than 32mm and have to be handled carefully when they are inserted.

These glass eyes are especially suitable for dolls and figurines. Depending on the customer requirements, they can be made with different iris sizes and red veins.
The very realistic and bowl-shaped human or rather figurine eyes are recreated to resemble natural human eyes. Please note, however, that our glass eyes are not, under any circumstances, usable for medical purposes (prosthetics).