Europe Eyes (Acrylic)

With Europe Eyes we offer you a selection of the finest and most realistic artificial acrylic bird and mammal eyes.
Developed by the Danish taxidermist and former European Champion Erling Morch, Europe Eyes offer a very detailed reproduction of bird and mammal eyes. With a special technology specific realistic colour gradients between iris and pupil as well as naturalistic colours can be achieved.

Many well-known taxidermists from all around the globe have already been using Europe Eyes in innumerable prize-winning mounts for over 20 years.
Europe Eyes are universally suitable for all kinds of birds, monochrome or multicoloured with a round pupil as well as for various mammals with round, oval or slit pupil with a white sclera.
In contrast to glass eyes, acrylic eyes should not come into contact with chemicals when inserting them because in time the colours can flake.